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Veterinary US for imaging in cattle, horses, pigs, goats and sheep


Light ultrasound scanner with efficient battery and large display. With its advanced technology, iScan2 provides precise diagnostics for large animals!

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iScan 2 – the latest technology in your hands!


Efficient work in every conditions with DRAMIŃSKI Goggle System

This time our newest model of ultrasound video goggles is more comfortable, with excellent adjustment on the user’s head. If you examine a lot of animals in a row or work in very light rooms, these goggles with clear, legible image will make your work more comfortable.

przenośny ultrasonograf z goglami, lekkie gogle, okulary ultrasonograficzne, gogle do usg, LCD gogle

LCD Goggles

  • five-point system of adjustment: the head circumference, depth, height, angle of inclination and setting of the distance between the goggles and the eyes,
  • removable cover of the forehead part of the goggles (easy to clean),
  • colourful display,
  • resolution 640x480,
  • excellent, clear image,
  • excellent visibility of the surroundings during your work (safety of work).
przenośny ultrasonograf z goglami, lekkie gogle, okulary ultrasonograficzne, gogle do usg, LCD gogle

OLED Goggles

  • resolution: 800x600,
  • display: OLED, color,
  • weight of the set with the headband: 290 g,
  • OLED goggles consume 5x less energy than the display, so you can work longer,
  • the design of the goggles allows you to simultaneously see the displayed image and control the surroundings,
  • adjustment in 5 points and the light weight of the set will allow you to work for long hours without discomfort,
  • they do not require charging, the goggles are powered by an ultrasound scanner,
  • eyecups for sunny days included.

Why is it worth having the DRAMINSKI iScan 2?


With iScan2, you can select the probe that is most suitable to your needs.

A linear rectal probe is a solution for veterinary professionals specialising in equine and bovine reproduction. It also allows making basic examinations of the tendons, eye globe and body condition of an animal.

A convex rectal probe is dedicated to rectal examinations of horses and cattle and abdominal imaging in small ruminants and pigs. It is used to examine the reproductive tract, lungs and abdominal organs.


Ultrasound diagnostics of the ovaries in mares and cows require a precise ultrasound scanner. Many factors impact the quality of images, such as the display, contrast, dynamic range, resolution… We have addressed all of these factors to generate the best outcome possible. We know that this will facilitate an accurate and sound diagnosis.


The iScan 2 machine durability is due to its aluminium casing. The display is additionally reinforced to protect it against damage. Thanks to the design components, the machine weighs only 2.4kg, with the battery and probe.


Our customers much appreciate that after work the machines can be washed under running water – as in the case of iScan 2. The tight-fitting casing protects the “heart” of the machine against water and dust particles and therefore, the ultrasound device will last long even under heavy conditions. Furthermore, this makes it easier to comply with biosecurity requirements.


The mode allowing to turn the image by 90 degrees accommodates the whole surface of the 7” display screen. The scanner has been designed and developed to be easy to operate and it does not make any difference whether you examine with your right or left hand as the iScan 2 will adjust itself to you.


The efficient battery allows for a non-stop operation up to 7 hours. The screen saving mode saves energy without the need to switch off the machine. For those of you who perform examinations all day long, the ultrasound transport case accommodates extra space for an additional battery.


Select the modes you use most often and save them in the Quick Access menu (Q). From then on, they can be always accessed with the push of a single button.


Select the tools according to what you need. Comfortable googles help working in direct sunlight. An extension for the linear rectal probe will accelerate examination and help to protect your arm in commercial, large-scale facilities. The complete list of accessories is specified in the Technical data bookmark.


The set includes:

  • ultrasound scanner with probe, *
  • battery,
  • battery charger,
  • transport case,
  • data transmission cable (to an external memory unit),
  • printed quick reference version of User Manual,
  • complete e-version of the User Manual,
  • US gel bottle.

* type of probe is selected while purchasing the machine.



24 months for the machine with probe,
6 months for the battery.




Now when you buy one of the ultrasound scanners (iScaniScan 2 or ANIMAL profi 2) you will receive a protective apron with DRAMINSKI logo as a gift!

It has appropriate length, comfortable tie and practical color to provide comfort of work during examinations in the field.

Offer is valid until stocks run out!

What is next?

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Technical data

Symbol iS II C – iScan II with convex rectal probe
iS II L – iScan II with linear rectal probe
Dimensions 22,0 x 16,5 x 6,7 cm
Unit weight 2400 g with probe and battery pack
Battery weight 460 g
Applications Ultrasound imaging and diagnostics in animals:

– reproductive tract diagnostics
– pregnancy checks and monitoring
– fat tissue measurements
– ultrasound imaging of lungs, gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, motor system and eye globe

Display modalities screen
image rotated by 90o to the left or right
image rotated by 180o
Grayscale 256 degrees
Gamma 8 settings
Display Modes B Mode
B+B Mode
B+M Mode
Image management – Freeze (image freeze)
– Dimensioning
– Zoom 60-200% with 20% increase rate
– Saving to the internal memory
– Exporting to an external storage device
Measurements – distance
– surface (based on 2 measurements),
– volume
– netting
– age tables (Cow CRL, Cow BPD, Horse DSG,
Horse DO, Sheep CRL, Lama BPD),
– backfat + muscle
Data saving and storage data saving and storage image with
cine loop measurements (256 frames)
Image storage 200
Cine loop storage
Quick Access menu yes, customized
Presets yes, to be created by the user
Probe broadband probes, multifrequency: linear rectal 7.0 MHz (from 4 to 9 MHz)
active field = 60mm,
128 elements
range up to 15 cm

convex rectal 5.0 MHz (from 3 to 7.5 MHz)
radius = 61.2 cm
scanning angle = 64
128 elements
range up to 25 cm

Probe attachment type hardwired
Screen 7,0″ diagonal, IPS LCD LED, 800×480 px
Keyboard membrane type, waterproof
Power supply li-ion 14.4V, 6.8Ah
Continuous operation with full-charged battery up to 7 hours
Charging time 4 hours
Low battery indicator automatic, graphic indicator
Water and dust resistance IP65
– complete protection against dust
– protection against water stream (12.5 L/min) directed at the casing from any side
Working temperature range -15°C to+45°C
storage temperature
0°C to +45°C
Optional accessories goggles
extension for linear rectal probe
sun protection shields
gel spacer for linear rectal probe



Convex rectal probe


Linear rectal probe


Convex probe