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DRAMINSKI TwistGrain pro

Moisture meter for cereals, maize, grass seeds, oilseeds, and legumes seeds. No. 1 among the moisture meters equipped with grain compression modality.

Which type of digital meter to choose tester of moisture content in cereals and grains TwistGrain Pro – moisture level in maize, wheat, rape, cereals effective and recommended Polish moisture meter moisture content measuring gauge


Small handy device thanks to which you will be able to determine your grain moisture very quickly.
Ideal for every farmer.

light, portable, modern, accurate, gmm mini, DRAMINSKI


A moisture meter for the most demanding farmers. It has an integrated scale due to which you will obtain highly precise measurements. For professionals! Hit of the Year 2015!

The DRAMINSKI GMMpro moisture meter, this is a device which performs precise measurement of grain moisture by volume-weight method


A grain moisture and density meter is a device dedicated to companies purchasing and storing huge amounts of grain and large grain manufacturers.
Super accurate!


Grain moisture meter with sample grinding. This device guarantees accurate moisture measurement in field conditions. It is recommended to test moisture of corn up to 45%.
Ideal for drying units!


A moisture tester for hay and compressed straw is a modern, digital device which helps to monitor moisture and temperature level of hay and compressed straw.
The most robust in the world!

Draminski HMM moisture meter for hay and srtaw, world's number 1 in category price-quality, fast espitamion of grain moisture content on the field or in a place of its storage


Hay and straw moisture measurement system used in presses (press trailers).
For grain press machines!

system to measure moisture of hey and straw used in presses (press-trailers), easy to assemble the reader on the glass with the help of a suction cup, backlit display enables working in the dark