Manufacturer of medical, veterinary ultrasound scanners and other electronic devices for agriculture


We provide fast and professional warranty and post-warranty service.
We offer documents confirming the efficiency of our devices and the modernization of our previous models to the current versions that are available in our offer at the moment.

We also perform periodic technical inspections of DRAMIŃSKI medical devices, including entries in Technical Passports.

If you have any questions or doubts, please contact us before sending the parcel to the service department as most of the cases can be resolved remotely. Sending a technically functional device for warranty service may involve incurring inspection costs.

In order to significantly speed up and facilitate the service process, please:

1. attach the information to the package with a detailed description of the issue, include the invoice details, shipping details and a contact number (we recommend completing the form below and printing its confirmation received by e-mail),
2. secure carefully the package because the manufacturer is not responsible for any damage caused during the transport,
3. deliver the parcel in person or send* it to the following address:


Dramiński S.A. – SERWIS
Sząbruk, ul. Wiktora Steffena 21
11-036 Sząbruk
+48 89 675 26 00

4. notify DRAMIŃSKI S.A. about a device failure immediately after its occurrence. The device should be sent to the Service Center no later than before the Warranty expiry date – this applies only to warranty service.

5. Provide a copy of the proof of purchase** with the device (it should specify the date and place of purchase, name of the device and its unique serial number) – applies only to warranty service.

Problems with devices can be reported using the service request form, by phone or e-mail.

* delivery of the equipment to the Dramiński Service Center is at the user’s expense. In the case of warranty service, the cost of returning the device is covered by the manufacturer.

** in the case of direct purchase from Dramiński S.A. We have a full history of the devices, so proof of the purchase is not necessary.

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