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The iScan line of reliable ultrasound scanners has a new family member!
iScan2 MULTI is a multi-task on field ultrasound scanner with interchangeable probes.

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iScan 2 MULTI. As versatile as you are!

Efficient work in every conditions with DRAMIŃSKI Goggle System

This time our newest model of ultrasound video goggles is more comfortable, with excellent adjustment on the user’s head. If you examine a lot of animals in a row or work in very light rooms, these goggles with clear, legible image will make your work more comfortable.

przenośny ultrasonograf z goglami, lekkie gogle, okulary ultrasonograficzne, gogle do usg, LCD gogle

LCD Goggles

  • five-point system of adjustment: the head circumference, depth, height, angle of inclination and setting of the distance between the goggles and the eyes,
  • removable cover of the forehead part of the goggles (easy to clean),
  • colourful display,
  • resolution 640x480,
  • excellent, clear image,
  • excellent visibility of the surroundings during your work (safety of work).
przenośny ultrasonograf z goglami, lekkie gogle, okulary ultrasonograficzne, gogle do usg, LCD gogle

OLED Goggles

  • resolution: 800x600,
  • display: OLED, color,
  • weight of the set with the headband: 290 g,
  • OLED goggles consume 5x less energy than the display, so you can work longer,
  • the design of the goggles allows you to simultaneously see the displayed image and control the surroundings,
  • adjustment in 5 points and the light weight of the set will allow you to work for long hours without discomfort,
  • they do not require charging, the goggles are powered by an ultrasound scanner,
  • eyecups for sunny days included.

What makes the DRAMINSKI iScan 2 MULTI the perfect choice?


Linear rectal probe – for examination of reproductive system, confirmation of pregnancy and determination of sex of foetus — horse and cattle. With the extension, it can be used for rectal examination of sheep and alpacas — ovary diagnostics, pregnancy confirmation and monitoring. It can be used for calf lung examination.

Abdominal linear probe – examination of horse tendons, eyeball. It can be used for examination of exotic animals and fish.

Convex rectal probe – (rectal) examination of cattle reproductive system, small ruminants and pig (through abdomen). Horse pelvis diagnostics.

Convex abdominal probe — pregnancy confirmation in small ruminants and sows, lung examination in cattle and horses, examination of umbilical region in calves and foals.

OPU – aspiration of oocytes from ovarian follicles in cattle. Drainage of fluid from ovarian cysts in horses.

Backfat probe — measurement of backfat thickness and lonigissimus dorsi muscle area of cattle and pig meat breeds.

And many more…


The scanning quality is ensured by a hi-tech processor which enables the system to use the latest image processing algorithms.

LuciD™ is a technology reducing the noise and increasing the contrast, sharpness and tissue differentiation. It makes the image clear and easier to interpret.

Goggles and sunshield guarantee clear image on a sunny day — available as an option.


Large, 7”-inch LCD screen with wide viewing angles ensures comfortable work. We know that you often face difficult conditions. That is why we rugged the screen to make it less prone to damage.


A powerful battery provides up to 7 hours of non-stop operation. In addition, you can turn off the screen to save power without shutting the scanner down. And the included suspenders will not let you get tired for the entire day.


Adjust the scanner to your needs, select the functions you use most often and save them in the quick access menu (Q). From that moment you will just need to press one button.



Rugged casing makes the iScan 2 MULTI durable. The active ventilation system implemented in the casing ensures good operation parameters regardless of heat or humidity. The components used in the design gave the weight of the scanner with the battery of just 2060 g.


Meet the expectations of your customers regarding biological security. Flat screen, probe socket protection slide and waterproof keys make cleaning the ultrasound scanner easier.


  • Goggles
  • Screen sun shield
  • Linear rectal probe extension for cattle
  • Linear rectal probe extension for sheep
  • Battery support
  • Gel stand-off

The set includes:

DRAMINSKI iScan2 MULTI ultrasound scanner
Ultrasound probe*
External battery
Battery charger with 230V charging cable
USB storage adapter
Transport case
User guide (USB)

*You need to select the probe prior to purchase


24 months for the ultrasound scanner

12 months for probes

6 months for the battery

What is next? 

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Technical data

Dimensions 255,6 x 165 x 69,15 mm
Weight of the device  scanner and the battery — 2060 g
Purpose Ultrasound diagnostics of animals: reproductive system diagnostics, pregnancy confirmation and monitoring, measurement of backfat thickness, ultrasound examination of lungs, digestive system, urinary tract, musculosceletal system, and eyeball.
Image display modes screen, goggles, screen rotated 90° left or right, screen rotated 180°
Image refreshing up to 28 FPS
Greyscale 256 shades
Gamma 10 settings
Image projection B Mode, B+B Mode, B+M Mode
Image management freeze, dimensioning, zoom 60-200% at 20% increments, saving to internal memory, exporting to external storage device
Measurements distance, area, volume, grid, age tables (Cow CRL, Cow BPD, Horse DSG, Horse DO, Sheep CRL, Lama BPD)
Saving data to the memory image with measurements, cine loop (256 frames)
Memory 200 images, 200 cine loops
Data export Yes, to an external storage device
File format BMP, AVI
Quick access menu Yes, customized
Presets Reproductive tract, Pregnancy, Sex of foetus, Late pregnancy. One’s own preset can be set.
LuciD noise reduction and contrast improvement) Yes

Convex 3,5 MHz R60

Convex 5MHz R50

Linear 10MHz L40

Microconvex 6,5MHz R15

Microconvex 6,5 MHz R11


Linear rectal 7MHz L60

Convex rectal 5MHz R60

Microconvex rectal 5MHz R20


OPU 6,5 MHz R11

Linear Backfat 3,7 MHz L150

Linear Backfat 3,7 MHz L180

Micrconvex endocavitary 6,5MHz R10

Linear endocavitary 7,5 MHz L40

Probe recognition Automatic
Probes interchangeable, electronic, broadband
Screen 7,0″ diagonal
Controls membrane, water-proof keyboard
Power supply Li-Ion 14.4 V, 6.8 Ah
when the battery is fully charged up to 7 hours
Charging of the battery pack 4 hours
Battery charge indicator Automatic — graphic indicator
Dust and water resistance IP32. Protection against item larger than 2.5 mm, protection against water dripping at the maximum of 15°.
Operating temperature -15°C to +45°C
Recommended storage temperature 0°C to +45°C
Optional accessories Goggles, screen sun shield, linear rectal probe extension for cattle, linear rectal probe extension for sheep, battery support, gel stand-off