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After hours

The company’s founder – Mr. Janusz Dramiński is a man of many interests and with inexhaustible energy. Two of his greatest passions is scuba diving and collecting antique farm machinery.


Underwater photography

Janusz Dramiński has been scuba diving since he turned fourteen. He is a scuba diving instructor. For many years he has been taking part in miscellaneous competitions of underwater orientation (swimming underwater with a compass and a distance counter).

Underwater photography is Janusz’s years-long passion. He is an author of a series of articles entitled ”How to take good photographs?” in “Magazyn Nurkowanie”. Under water, he likes doing panoramic photographs and taking pictures of underwater landscapes.

Janusz Dramiński declares: “Fish-Eye lens is my favourite working instrument. It somehow reflects my character – to see a lot and far away…”

The stunning underwater sceneries can be found on


Open-air museum of agricultural machinery

“I do what my heart dictates and at the same time I express my great respect for the hard work of farmers since my whole family comes from the country: my grandparents, aunts, uncles and siblings…”

It is with such words that Mr Janusz Dramiński begins to talk about his great passion for old agricultural machines.

We kindly invite you to visit us in the unique Naterki open-air ethnographic museum, located near Olsztyn. The exhibition is really one of its kind and features probably the greatest collection of old agricultural machines in Poland.

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