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The history of Dramiński company.
35 years and it’s just a beginning


On May 11th, 1987, Mr. Janusz Dramiński, the first and long-term president of the company, registered his business activity in Olsztyn office. Initially, we designed estrous detectors for foxes, cows and sheep. Over the last three and a half decade, we have expanded our offer with a range of mastitis detectors, grain moisture meters and ultrasound scanners.

What distinguished Dramiński company from the very beginning was the pursuit for challenges and responding to the needs of farmers and veterinarians. The creation of a very first portable ultrasound scanner was our milestone. The first Dramiński Scanner device was equipped with a 5-inch CRT monitor and was created in 2000. The next ultrasound scanner equipped with an LCD screen appeared a year later under the name Dramiński LCD Scanner. Our engineers worked together with Olsztyn veterinarians for the next five years on then state-of-the-art Animal Profi scanner. It was a time of hard work. Currently, the family of ultrasound scanners includes devices with a touch screen weight starting from 1 kg. We also develop ultrasound scanners for human medicine, like Fast, DermaMed or BLUE models. Dramiński company also supports customers with its superb service and modern, free-of-charge software.

International development

Since the beginning of the 1990s, the first orders came not only from Poland. By 1996, our devices were sold on a mass scale in the Antipodes. We currently distribute electronics for agriculture and ultrasound scanners to over 130 countries all over the world. We work with a network of the best agricultural, veterinary and medical electronics distributors on six continents. We regularly train nearly 40 representatives of Draminski foreign distributors in servicing and effective sales of our devices. As a global player on the market, we effectively compete with the largest producers in terms of the quality of devices and after-sales service.

We define quality

We pay attention to the production process, the quality of our work and customer satisfaction. In 2004, we received the ISO 9001 quality certificate and two years later ISO 13485 for medical scanners. Since 2010, our scanners have been processing digital signal, thanks to which they are characterized with exceptionally high image quality. The devices are praised for their durability and enable extensive diagnostics. In 2016, we received an award from the President of the Republic of Poland for merits in the field of agriculture product development. The subsequent year, we became the laureate of ‘Leader among Small and Medium Enterprises competition’.

Change is a part of development

In 2012, the company was transformed into a joint-stock company. Andrzej Wiktorowicz was nominated the new president of the company and assumed this position in 2019 from Mr. Janusz Dramiński. This year we are moving to a brand new headquarters and for its location we chose Sząbruk near Olsztyn, where the Warmian Silicon Valley is being built. The Dramiński company is still developing its offer of moisture meters, pH meters, the detectors of heat, pregnancy and mastitis as well as ultrasound scanners. Additionally, we are working on a device capable of performing mammography diagnostics with the use of ultrasound technology.


Continuous improvement of our work and its effects are the priorities in our strategy. We are guided by the needs of our clients, and we do everything to surpass their expectations. This is the reason to  keep writing our history.


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