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OPUS D – a novely on the Düsseldorf trade fair

Full diagnostics plus image perfection.
Medica, the Düsseldorf trade fair that has just came to an end, is a mecca for medical equipment manufacturers worldwide.

DRAMIŃSKI has shown its new image – this time the image of an emerging leader in mobile medical ultrasonography.

Multifunctionality of a device allows for full diagnostics and is a requirement that ensures any physician a complex service and comfort at work. Thanks to our new OPUS D ultrasound you can work in any conditions.

We offer:

  •     Excellent image quality
  •     Unique touch screen
  •     Modern design
  •     Doppler functions
  •     Interoperates with different probes
  •     Able to operate with a durable battery or power supply
  •     Immediate operational readiness

Adjust the tool to your needs and you will never be surprised.

Whether you need equipment for a clinic or for field rescue actions, the new mobile Dramiński OPUS D ultrasound will meet your needs.

Contact us and we will find an optimum solution that matches your individual needs. It’s possible thanks to OPUS D!

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