Manufacturer of portable medical ultrasound scanners

About us

DRAMINSKI S.A. was founded in 1987, the company specializes in designing and manufacturing reliable mobile ultrasound scanners which provide excellent imaging. Our ultrasound scanners are used in the areas where accuracy, fastness and mobility is taken into account and where heavy and complicated devices fail: in mobile ultrasound diagnostics, at patient bedside, in emergency and military medicine or at the scene of an emergency.

We create a wider access to medical ultrasonography: pre-hospital, hospital and post-hospital.

Every year we organize Warmia and Mazury Ultrasound Scanning Days, the conference which gathers a lot of ultrasound practitioners. We organize ultrasound scanning workshops during which doctors gain practical skills to carry out ultrasound scanning independently. For six years we have been actively participating in MEDICA Dusseldorf, the biggest fair of medical equipment in the world.

Our vision of the future motivates us to work with enthusiasm, it is aimed at continuous development and implementation of new technologies. These activities help us increase the level of accessibility of ultrasound diagnostics on every continent in order to contribute to building the world as a place of healthy people.

Our mission: Increase accessibility of ultrasound diagnostics for people all over the world.
Our vision: World leader in mobile ultrasonography.