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The device is quality certified ISO 13485:2016  and EC 93/42/EEC.


A probe weighing 300 g with a frequency of 48 MHz is connected to your favourite computer and immediately you are ready to perform examinations and save images and cine loops. The probe operates with a touch screen or a mouse. Post-processing will optimize the image. Extraordinary easy to operate.


What distinguishes DRAMINSKI ultrasound scanners? 



For whom is DermaMed?

For dermatologists, cosmetologists, plastic surgeons who require accurate equipment in order to perform precise estimation of epidermis, skin and subcutaneous of a patient.


Where can it be applied?

You will be able to carry out fast and accurate:

  • examination of health skin, including the level of its hydration,
  • imaging of almost all neoplastic lesions (cancerous and non-cancerous) and estimate invasive character of those changes, its penetration and its stage.
  • examination of cicatricial alopecia,
  • estimation and observation of localized scleroderma, estimation of its degree and efficiency of its treatment.


Your aim is to improve health care, our aim is to provide you with the best ultrasound equipment. 


The set includes:

  • device DRAMIŃSKI DermaMed,
  • probe 48 MHz,
  • software,
  • transport case.


24 Months Warranty


Technical data

Length of the probe 18.5 cm
Connection cable length 200 cm
Unit weight 300 g
Probe frequency 48 MHz
Power supply computer USB 2.0

An acne scar on the facial skin
the recess of the epidermis and dermis

the measurement of the area of so called “cellulite tooth”

Blood vessels 
in transverse and longitudinal projection.

Fot. dr S. Malinowska