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Hybrid Ultrasound Tomography Scanner on Euroson 2018

Euroson is this year’s largest meeting of European and Polish ultrasound community. It took place on 6-9th September 2018.

During this year’s edition Draminski company presented Hybrid Ultrasound Tomography Scanner – a revolution in early breast cancer diagnosis.

Andrzej Wiktorowicz – Vice President DRAMIŃSKI S.A.:

“Hybrid ultrasound tomography device scans the women breast with 2MHz frequency ultrasound waves from different directions and levels. Afterwards it processes the acquired data and reconstructs images of any of its cross-sections. Simultaneous acquisition of images characterizing breast tissue with a few different parameters allows us to early detect breast tumors as well as assess their malignancy risk.”

Professor Marcin Józwik MD, Ph.D.:

“After construction work which was done by engineers from Draminski S.A. and Wroclaw University of Technology we possess at our disposal a device which is ready for new breast examination. Currently, a team of acoustic engineers and doctors are focusing on software improvement – special computational algorithms enabling the identification of suspicious images from data obtained during breast examination.”

Device in already in testing phase.

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