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The device is quality certified ISO 13485:2016  and EC 93/42/EEC.


Excellent Doppler – more precise examination


Quickly. Easily. Precisely.

In a life-threatening situation, it is important to correctly assess the patient’s clinical condition and make fast decisions. The BLUE ultrasound scanner will help you with these two things thanks to the good image quality, as well as simple and intuitive operation.


Technologies of the future


LuciD™ – a system that enhances contrast, sharpness and tissue differentiation making images readable and easy to interpret.


D-Curve™ distinguishes between slight echogenicity differences – a transfer curve ideally suited to the human eye perception.


Vi-Probe™ is a unique technology that provides phased array image type on the convex probe and convex image on the linear probe. BLUE provides enhanced vision, even through a small acoustic window.

BLUE Ultrasound Scanner Features


After 25 seconds, the mobile ultrasound scanner is ready to work, which is crucial in life-threatening situations. 2.5 hours of work on the built-in battery ensure comfortable work regardless of the power source.


Active fields allow quick standard parameter setting. Measure the distance immediately after freezing the image – no additional menu needed. You don’t need to remember about entering a patient’s data before an ultrasound examination. This can be done while saving the first image.


The portable scanner DRAMIŃSKI BLUE has three Doppler imaging modes: Color Doppler, Power Doppler, Pulse Wave Doppler. The technology allows examining blood flow in blood vessels.


If the probe needs to be replaced during an ultrasound examination, the system will detect the new one automatically.

Probes available:

  • Convex 1-6 MHz
  • Linear 6-14 MHz
  • Microconvex 4-9 MHz
  • Endovaginal 4-9 MHz


Whether it is a quick emergency screening of a patient or an accurate ultrasound diagnostics in orthopaedic surgery, BLUE will always be there, ready for new challenges.


Let other compromise. We have applied solutions that allow using the latest technology in this premium ultrasound scanner weighing 4 kg only.


The 12″ LED LCD display guarantees a successful diagnosis. The features are controlled via a sensitive touch panel. Quick and easy operation.


The DRAMIŃSKI BLUE medical ultrasound scanner has a two-year warranty.

The kit includes:

  • Ultrasound scanner with built-in battery;
  • Probe (optional);
  • Stand;
  • Power supply;
  • User manual with warranty card;
  • Carrying case.


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Technical data

Dimensions 31,0 x 28,0 x 6,5 cm
Imaging modes B Mode,
B+B Mode,
4B Mode,
B+M Mode,
Color Doppler,
Power Doppler,
Pulse Wave Doppler
Operating frequency 1-14 MHz (probe type dependant)
Grayscale 256 degrees, D-Curve™ (grayscale curve adapted to the human eye perception)
Image analysis and processing LuciD™ (contrast, sharpness and tissue differentiation enhancement system)
Ultrasound control
Vi-Probe™ virtual convex probe on linear probes, virtual sector probe on convex probes
Frame memory and cine loop viewing 60 GB
Data record Images and cine loop viewing with description, patient data and date
Data transmission to a data storage device Via USB interface
Exported file format PNG for images, AVI, MP4, MOV for cine loop viewing
Number of probe ports One port, automatic probe recognition
External ports 2 x USB, 2 x LAN, 1 x HDMI
Monitor 12″ LED LCD display
Feature control Capacitive touch panel
Standby time approx. 25 s
Continuous operation time with battery supply approx. 2 hours 30 min.
Package charging time approx. 4 hours.
Optional accessories Wheel stand
Caster stand (low)
Gel spacer
Operating temperature From -15°C to +45°C
Recommended storage temperature From 0°C to + 45°C

Pregnancy 31. week

Needle insertion

Blood flow in right lobe of thyroid gland

Hepatic veins

Case study #1

A patient with myelodysplastic syndrome and symptoms of increasing dyspnoea, low fever and cough. During LUS there were visible an atelectatic and inflammatory subpleural consolidations with coexisting B lines in the course of interstitial pneumonia.

Case study #2

A 30-year-old patient was hospitalized due to increasing shortness of breath, weight loss, and progressive weakness. Mediastinal tumor in the course of DLBCL lymphoma. Visible solid change, hypoechogenic with mixed echostructure. Anechoic parts may correspond to areas of necrosis within the lesion. A visible piece of the left ventricular muscle adjacent to the lesion.

Case study #3

A patient with dilated cardiomyopathy – a severe left ventricular systolic dysfunction, hyperechoic thrombotic material visible within the apex in the right ventricle lumen. An increased accumulation of free fluid in the pericardial sac. Visible thrombus near the apex in the lumen of the right ventricle, also with the use of a linear probe.

Case study #4

A patient with chronic heart failure. Shortness of breath increasing over the past week. Free fluid of about 700 ml in the pleural cavity resulting in non-atelectral consolidation with pressure in the area of the lower right lung. Normal vascularization within consolidation.