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Festive atmosphere during FARM fair in Lódź

On 17th-19th of February the 20th anniversary edition of International FARM Pork and Poultry fair took place. In two exhibition pavilions – EXPO and MOSiR more than 200 companies presented themselves. We were among them. The year 2017 is not only the twentieth edition of  the fair, it is also the thirtieth anniversary of our company. The organisers gave us diplomas for long term cooperation. We are very grateful for that. Out stand enjoyed great interest of the attendees. Disregarding the cold outside and the fact that harvesting period is far away, farmers and breeders stopped and looked carefully at our moisture meters for grain, oil seeds and legumes.

Among the devices the DRAMINSKI TwistGrain was leading as well as our new “baby“ the DRAMINSKI GMMmini. The fair was devoted to farmers mostly, that is why we were visited by a large number of pig and dairy cattle breeders. Our commercial offer for them included estrous detectors, pregnancy detectors and subclinical mastitis detectors.

We would like to thank everyone who visited our stand and we hope that we will see each other next year. And now we would like to invite you to Lublin, where on 4th-5th of March AGRO-PARK fair is going to take place. We will be there (Hall A, stand 30). Please come.

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