Manufacturer of devices for agriculture and breeding


30 years have passed…

Yes, we have been with you on the market for 30 years already. All the time we have been developing, manufacturing and servicing electronic equipment for farmers, breeders, veterinary physicians and doctors.

On the occasion of our jubilee on May 11th we organised a ceremonial dinner and invited the company’s employees, people who cooperate with us, friends, representatives of companies and institutions with whom we wanted to share our delight. The ceremony took place in the restaurant Przystań, which is located in a beautifully situated place on the shore of Lake Ukiel. The Feather was really beautiful. The sun was shining and it was warm.

During the celebration there were lots of memories connected with the dawn of the company when the family members and the nearest helped assembling the devices in the living room of the company’s owner, packing them for shipment in butter boxes and issuing invoices amounting incredible sums of millions of zlotys. There were times.

Currently the company DRAMINSKI S.A. employs more than 50 people and on the occasion of our celebration we wanted to thank them for outstanding contribution in the development of our company. The employees with years of experience were awarded (some of them have been working here for more than 20 years!!!)

During the dinner Jan Bernard was playing some music, and a mini recital was given by Janusz Dramiński’s mother – a singer Maria Dramińska.

Everybody was having a great time and we had at least some time to sit down and have some rest from everyday hustle and bustle. We were able to talk, to laugh and to share our success with each other.

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