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How do I detect a sheeps estrus

DRAMINSKI EDS 2 Estrous detector for sheep and goats

The new generation of the device for detecting estrous in sheep and goats that allows you to precisely determine the time of insemination.

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An effective tool in the hands of the concious breeder


The device from DRAMINSKI was designed for effective, easy and comfortable examination, to minimize stress for the animal and the breeder, and to ensure their safety.

oestrus detector for sheep and goats optimal insemination time

A reduction in the signs of estrus, or their complete disappearance, can be indicative of several causes. The most important of these include, among others: stress, improper nutrition, the size of the herd, and disease.

Effective insemination among sheep and goats is influenced by the proper cycles of physiological processes. This requires breeders to ensure the appropriate standard of nutrition, living and care for the animals.


Why buy the device?



Ineffective insemination wastes time and money of the animal breeder.

The DRAMINSKI EDS 2 Estrus detector for sheep and goats:

  • Allows for the detection of symptomless estrus (so-called silent estrus)
  • Makes it easier to determine an optimum mating time for females with atypical estrous cycles
  • Increases the effectiveness of insemination
  • Improves the economic results of breeding
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In our case this means that we are a trustworthy partner for every animal breeder. DRAMINSKI S.A. is a globally recognised Polish manufacturer of electronic devices that provides a 2-year warranty for its products. Our devices do not require any additional calibration.

We have two quality management system certificates: ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 – which confirms our professionalism and the highest product quality.

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The robustness and reliability of our devices is guaranteed by the original housing with the company logo on the handle, made from the highest-quality ABS material.

We particularly warn against fakes on the market, characterised by high failure rates. DRAMINSKI devices guarantee not only durability but also safety for people and animals.



Operation of the estrus detector is so intuitive that every breeder will be able to independently perform examination of their livestock in a safe manner.




The estrus detector for sheep and goats allows you to select the operating mode which suits your needs:

Basic simplified mode allowing for quick measurement, without access to additional options,
Advanced mode allowing you to make the most of the device’s capabilities; aside from the basic functions, it also allows for saving the details of animals and measurements with the date and time as well as the possibility of additional operating settings.



Thanks to the high-capacity memory, the breeder can save the details of up to 250 animals and as many as 200 thousand measurements along with the exact date and time that examination was performed.



Option to change the measurement mode from 3 (recommended) to 1 reading (in case the examined animal is uneasy, hyperactive, etc.).



With demanding customers in mind, we created a special software which allows for easy transfer of saved data from the device to a computer, in order to perform further analysis and archiving. Upon connection via the mini-USB port, the software automatically recognizes the detector. Available soon.

One software, many possibilities:

  • generation of measurement reports, e.g. printing or saving them as a PDF file (SEE REPORT),
  • generation of measurement graphs and printing or saving them as a JPG file (SEE GRAPH),
  • generation of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets,
  • manual selection of results, animals’ numbers, etc.
  • automatic selection of measurements by indicating the date range,
  • addition of special descriptions to measurements stored in the software,
  • convenient review of the collected data and professional archiving,
  • keeping traditional hand-written examination records (DOWNLOAD RESULTS SHEET).


When designing the device, we wanted to ensure that the result was legible and visible in all lighting conditions, which is why we decided to use a graphical display with energy-saving LED backlighting. Moreover, the most important settings such as intensity and duration of illumination, as well as contrast, can be adjusted in the menu. The graphical indicator on the display shows the current level of battery charge.



The multi-layered structure of the membrane keyboard ensures impermeability, thanks to which dirt can be removed from it under running water. Four function keys allow a quick and intuitive device operation. The keyboard’s lifespan is approx. 5 million clicks, which translates to many years of problem-free use.



Thanks to the fact the estrous detector is carefully assembled by hand using high-quality components, the lifespan of the device can reach a dozen or more years.

What other features does the new generation DRAMINSKI EDS 2 Estrous detector for sheep and goats have??

  • real-time clock
  • pop-up menu
  • language selection
  • automatic shutdown option


Cleaning and disinfection

It is crucial that before starting a measurement, the probe has been thoroughly disinfected. The device’s design allows for it to be washed under running water and any dirt can be easily removed from the detector’s smooth surface.


Measurement process

The detector is designed for safe and comfortable examination of sheep and goats. In search of a simple ovulation detection method, scientists together with breeders have determined a direct relationship between changes in the electrical resistance of cervical mucus and the occurrence of ovulation. It has been proven that the closer to ovulation, the greater the changes in the electrical resistance of mucus.

Examination consists in inserting the probe into the animal’s vagina. The tip of the probe with the electrodes should come as close as possible to the entrance of the cervix (you can feel resistance). The result is obtained after completing the measurement cycle.

Below are some example results obtained on our device.

graph of sheep heat on individual days

A detailed description of performing examination can be found in the user manual. If you have any questions, please contact us:


The kit includes:

  • DRAMINSKI EDS 2 device
  • reusable transport packaging (made from synthetic material)
  • user manual
  • 4 AA batteries 1.5V (LR6)
  • USB cable for communication with computer
  • strap


What next?

Order your Estrous detector for sheep and goats EDS2 now under most profitable conditions.

Technical data

Approximate unit weight
450 g
Dimensions 40 x 8 x 7 cm
Probe length 20 cm
Power supply four 1.5 V AA type batteries (LR6)
Battery status indication graphic
Battery low indication automatic
Power consumption from 11 mA to 54 mA
(depending on the set backlight intensity)
Measurement control
single chip microcomputer
Estimated continuous working time on one alkaline battery pack 209 hours – brightness set to 0%
95 hours – brightness set to 30%
Display LCD display with LED backlighting, diagonal 2.4
Keyboard membrane
Data transmission via USB
Update via USB
Data recording internal memory
Memory capacity 250 animals / 200,000 measurements with date and time
Measurement range 0-1,000 units
Additional functions real time clock, LED backlighting,
pop-up menu, saving the results,
software for data transmission and analysis (reports, graphs, printouts, archiving),
independent software update
Measurement resolution 10 units
Recommended working temperature from 10° to 45°C
Recommended storage temperature from 5° to 50°C
EAN code 5906874410134