Manufacturer of portable, veterinary ultrasound scanners for small and large animals

DRAMINSKI Animal profi

DRAMINSKI Animal profi

A portable ultrasound scanner for professional diagnosis in small and large animals.

♦ DRAMINSKI Animal profi is no longer available ♦

The DRAMIŃSKI ANIMAL profi portable ultrasound scanner is designed for comfortable, fast and reliable detection of pregnancy and gyneacological diagnosis. It is a portable device powered by an external package with high capacity. The ultrasound is designed for intensive work with animals in harsh field conditions.


Why should you have DRAMIŃSKI ANIMAL profi?

  • Versatile ultrasound scanner
    It cooperates with different kinds of sector and mechanical – abdominal and endorectal – probes. It gives broad possibilities for examining a variety of animals, such as cows, mares, sheep, pigs, goats, dogs, camels, alpaca and even dolphins.
  •  Professional image quality
    Owing to specialised sector and mechanical probes, the obtained image allows for effective diagnosis of examined animals. A wide imaging angle of the rectal probe (180º) assures fast and easy examination.
  •  High functionality
    The distinctive features of the ultrasound are:
    – B and B+B Mode imaging,
    – a large 6.4″ LCD screen with high contrast,
    – memory of up to 200 images (records animal number and date of examination),
    – video loop (cine loop),
    – double zoom,
    – membrane keyboard, very easy to clean,
    – efficient sources of power to guarantee many hours of operation,
    – special visor to work in full sun,
    – possibility of connecting the device to the computer via USB2.0.
  • Exceptional strength
    – strong, aluminium casing to guarantee reliable operation,
    – high resistance to water, dust and other dirt
    – ultrasound probes with high mechanical resistance.
  •  High mobility
    Ultra-compact size – weight and size – as well as a special, four-point harness system for easy work with animals in harsh conditions. Owing to a special explorer case transport of the device is very easy.


The set includes:

  • scanner’s body,
  • carrying strap, which allows hanging the device on the neck,
  • waist belt,
  • mechanical probe (rectal and/or abdominal) depending on the client’s choice,
  • 2 packages of external batteries,
  • battery charger,
  • power cable for the charger,
  • cable connecting the battery with the scanner’s body (30 cm),
  • USB cable for data transmission,
  • bottle of ultrasound gel,
  • manual,
  • Explorer transport case.


24 Months Warranty


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Technical data

Dimensions 24.0 x 17.0 x 6.0 cm
Unit weight 1557 g
Probe weight 265 g
Battery weight 655 g
Image presentation (projection) mode Real-time imaging, B Mode, B+B Mode
Type and probe frequency mechanical, sector (rectal or abdominal) 5.0 MHz (frequency range 3.5-7 MHz)
Penetration depth abdominal probe: to 7, 10, 12, 15 , 20 cm
rectal probe: to 7, 10, 12 cm
Scanning angle 90º – abdominal probe, 180º – rectal probe
Display 6.4 inch TFT LCD
Keyboard membrane
Image memory 200 images with date, index No.
Cine loop  up to 119 frames (15 sec.)
Transmission to the computer via USB2.0
Power supply external battery, Ni-MH, 12V, 3.8Ah
Continuous operation on fully charged battery about 4 hours
Charging time 1 hours 45 minutes
Battery exhausted indicator automatic – acoustic and visual signal
Operating temperature range +5°C to +40°C
Storage temperature range 0°C to +45°C

DRAMINSKI Animal profi